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Jim Shelley - Eclectic artist

Fused Glass Artist


 I create kiln fused and cold worked glass dishes, decorative pieces, and functional art. My pieces move between organic, geometric, and representational.   My work can be found at CMG Gallery and Purple Loft Gallery in Oklahoma City, OK and in the Firehouse Art Center in Norman, OK.

Artist Statement


I am inspired by the experimental quality of glass - how the firing process blends colors, shapes, and images. Triangles are often the starting point to my work. Although the triangles are not always recognizable in my finished products, they facilitate layering of colors and shading. 



I have been a professional cellist for over 25 years playing with philharmonic orchestras, chamber music groups, summer stock theatre, and for various concerts, special events, and worship services.  I also enjoy playing guitar, singing, and song writing.